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Hi there! Justin here... thanks for stopping by and checking out my site.


Let me tell you a bit about the


Over the years, I've been lucky enough to study with some of the finest drum tutors in the world. I appreciate what a privilege this has been and that perhaps, not everyone might have similar opportunities.

Consequently, I wanted to put up this site not only reflect my interest in promoting high standards in music education, but to provide access to high quality, free drum tuition for anyone with an internet connection and a desire to learn something.

Massive thanks must go to my fantastic mate, Justin Sandercoe who has given me tons of help getting this thing up and running. He's an awesome guitarist and his website is the best guitar tuition site there is.

I've been a big fan of his site for a while and a couple of years ago when I was telling him how great it would be if there was a similar resource for drummers, he was the one who encouraged me to create it. He even helped me come up with the name!

Right now, I've posted about fifty lessons but they don't all have accompanying video yet. That's because the site is a genuine labour of love and I only get chance to work on it in between gigging, recording, teaching, writing, practicing and being a Dad! Rest assured though, I've got literally hundreds of lessons worth of material just waiting to be posted and I'll be updating and adding content on a regular basis. Check back frequently to find out what's going on or alternatively, sign up to the mailing list and I'll let you know as soon as new lessons appear.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy spending time on the site. If you do, please tell anyone else that might be interested. Feel free to contact me too and give feedback about the site or ask questions about anything drummy. You can find out how to get in touch here.

Or to find out more about me click here.

In the meantime, happy drumming.

Other stuff that's happening!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just been confirmed as a tutor at the 8th Annual Croatia Drum Camp.

The camp runs from the 30th August to the 7th September in the beautiful town of Grožnjan, which is located on Croatia’s Istrian peninsula. Previous camps have featured drummers such as Bill Bruford, Horacio ‘El Negro’ Hernandez, Virgil Donati, Antonio Sanchez, JoJo Mayer, Benny Greb, Marco Minnemann, Mike Mangini, John Riley, Pete Riley, Gary Chaffee, Trevor Tompkins, Nippy Noya, and Pete Lockett.




This year, I’ll be joining Gerald Heyward, Thomas Lang, John Blackwell Jr., Dr. Donald Bousted and the event’s organiser, Petar Curic for what promises to be a truly fantastic event.

As well as Mapex and Paiste, special thanks go to the ICMP who have also agreed to support the event.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to visiting this beautiful part of the world for the first time, as well as working with everyone involved in the camp.

For more info checkout:




I recently went to Italy to do a short series of masterclasses on behalf of the ICMP. I visited four cities in three days and had a great time.

Clinic Photo


I just did an interview for the brand new Paiste UK website. As well as a few pearls of wisdom from yours truly, it has a ton of info about the entire Paiste cymbal line.

Check it out here!

Paiste Logo

I met some wonderful people and discovered that Italy has a network of really cool, small private music schools.

The standard and commitment of all of the students that I met was really inspiring. Hope to go back again soon.


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Latest Lesson Updates As well as adding another five lessons to the Beginner's Course, I just posted a four lessons on the subject of Beat Displacement and another six on the subject of Metric Modulation.

BC-011 Beginner's Course Lesson 11 - Introducing 12/8 Blues Grooves
BC-012 Beginner's Course Lesson 12 - Developing 3-way coordination with more 12/8 Blues Grooves
BC-013 Beginner's Course Lesson 13 - More bass drum patterns to play in 12/8
BC-014 Beginner's Course Lesson 14 - Even more bass drum patterns to play in 12/8
BC-015 Beginner's Course Lesson 15 - A bit like BC-014 but more challenging

MM-000 Metric Modulation Index Page
MM-001 Metric Modulation (Part 1) - An introduction to the subject of Implied Metric Modulation
MM-002 Metric Modulation (Part 2) - Developing Implied Metric Modulation based on a single rate
MM-003 Metric Modulation (Part 3) - A bit like MM-002, only more challenging
MM-004 Metric Modulation (Part 4) - Developing Implied Metric Modulation based on multiple rates
MM-005 Metric Modulation (Part 5) - A bit like MM-004, only more challenging
MM-006 Metric Modulation (Part 6) - You guessed it... a bit like MM-005 but more challenging

BD-000 Beat Displacement Index Page
Beat Displacement (Part 1) - An introduction to the subject of Beat Displacement
BD-002 Beat Displacement (Part 2) - Displacing a simple grooves by an eighth-note
BD-003 Beat Displacement (Part 3) - Displacing a simple groove by sixteenth-note
BD-004 Beat Displacement (Part 4) - Sticking with sixteenth-note displacement but using a funkier groove